Copyright & Permissions

Copyright ©2015 Ethan Publishing Company.
In order to publish material the Ethan Publishing Company must acquire the necessary legal rights from the author(s) of that material. In general, we must  obtain from the original author(s) the right to publish the material in  all formats, in all media (including specifically print and electronic).
For all articles published in our journals, we require the author to sign the “TRANSFER OF COPYRIGHT AGREEMENT”. This agreement is normally requested on submission of the article. By signing this agreement the author (who is either the copyright owner or who is authorised to sign on behalf of the copyright owner, for exam his/her employer) grants to Ethan Publishing Company the exclusive right and licence throughout the world to edit, adapt, translate, reproduce and publish the manuscript in all formats, in all media and by all means (whether now existing or in future devised).
It is absolutely essential that authors obtain permission to reproduce any published material (figures, schemes, tables or any extract of a text) which does not fall into the public domain, or for which they do not hold the copyright. Permission should be requested by the authors from the copyrightholder (usually the Publisher, please refer to the imprint of the individual publications to identify the copyrightholder).
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